Baby Yoga Classes

A unique playful and bonding class which offers nurturing touch, flowing sequences, holding movements, songs and relaxation. These combine to bring about a deep state of contentment in both baby and parent. The loving handling of the baby transforms challenging movements into safe play. Repetition, rhythm and song help baby relish life, increasing their ability to cope with future challenges.

Jack is sociable, content, relaxed and sleeps very well after yoga. Hearing from other mums can be reassuring and supportive.
— Alice Sullivan
Not only have Lisa’s sessions provided Daisy and I with the benefits that yoga brings but we feel part of a wonderful group of friends that offer support, fun and laughter every week, as we share the highs and lows of parenthood. We couldn’t do without it!
— Liz
Baby yoga - we adore it! It is one of our favourite activities of the week. Henry and I have been going since he was 10 weeks old and he smiles and laughs all the way through. At the end he is so relaxed he sleeps happily while I chill out and enjoy coffee with other mums. The class is lovely and gentle. We both get to stretch, socialise and share. It is a peaceful and rejuvenating haven in the hectic and exhausting life of a new mum. I would recommend it to everyone!
— Nia and Henry
I love the upside down and singing and flying on mummy’s knees. Sometimes I’m sad I’m not a baby anymore because I can’t come to baby yoga when I’m in school. But I love helping with baby Jack’s yoga before he goes to bed.
— Benjamin (aged 5)

Physical benefits of baby yoga

A single session provides as much physical stimulation as carrying your baby all day, helping your baby to feel more settled and to sleep deeply. Your babies nervous and digestive systems will be stimulated and discomforts such as colic, constipation and restlessness may be eased. Posture, co-ordination and flexibility will be enhanced.

Bonding with your baby through yoga

Baby yoga is a way of getting to know your baby more deeply, developing your relationship by encouraging listening and communication. The quality of presence and touch will ease and heal birth trauma.


The high quality of attention the baby receives from its parents will prepare the baby to interact well with others. Our group environment offers a world of stimulation for your baby as well as friendship and support from other parents.

Post-natal yoga

Some gentle yoga for mums (or dads) will help you regain core strength,and develop a feeling of wellbeing in your body.

The opportunity to relax

A space to let go a little and just relax ; to recharge, review and reaffirm. Learning to relax helps with the demands of early parenting.