Active Birth Workshops

Active Birth Workshops are led jointly be Jenny Foxall and Lisa Harley. Retired midwife Jenny brings 40 years of experience from working in the NHS, where she was supervisor to midwives. The dynamic combination of Jenny and Lisa will bring you the very best preparation for birth. Lisa will introduce you and your partner to the practical elements of birth; breathing, massage, pressure points, positions, mental states and relaxation. You and your partner will try all of these out. Your partner will no longer feel like a spare part!


Jenny will focus on the all important days leading up to labour, including nutrition, hydration,issues of late pregnancy and induction and how induction can be avoided. She will also focus on the physiology of labour, what makes for a good birth environment, looking at both medical and midwife led models of birth.

The workshop is suitable for you wherever you choose to give birth. Whilst birth partners are welcome and encouraged to come, we also welcome pregnant women coming alone. The one-off workshop is held every 2 months. Come along from 26 weeks plus. Private sessions also available.

The workshop gave me back the feeling of power in my body, so I felt more confident in my labour.
— Louise Bradley
The workshop definitely contributed to our positive experience and amazing natural birth.
— Liz
Active birth preparation takes the fear and therefore much of the pain out of childbirth.We felt more in control and able to ask questions.
— Alice Sullivan
It was really good to have ideas about how to help and how to be involved. Understanding the process made it a lot less frightening. I felt I could be a real part of the labour.
— David Sullivan

birth is instinctual

Birth is instinctual in mother and baby. The genetic blueprint for birthing is millions of years old and universal. During the workshop you will learn to awaken your inner source of power by learning to listen deeply to your body and mind using breath and visualisation to guide you into awareness and confidence. Rediscovering the natural intelligence of your body will bring you into a natural relationship with birth.

common sense

Using teaching aids, the workshop will demonstrate the physiology of birth .We look at the cranial bones of the baby, the journey the baby makes during birth, the rotation through the pelvis, and the role of gravity and therefore importance of mums position during birth. Information is presented in a clear and practical way.


Understand the crucial role hormones play during labour and in bonding with your baby. Efficient production of hormones is dependent on the environment and state of mind the woman finds herself in during labour. Learn how to create the best environment.

birth is active

Learn the positions, movements, breath and sounds of labour .

birth pools

Understand how to get the best and safest support from your birth aids.

birth partner

Explore the nature of support. What are the roles of the birth partner during birth? Try out massage and positions for birth with your partner.
Discuss your role as communicator with the professionals during labour.


Hear from other mums and dads to be.

Active Birth Workshops in Wales

Workshop leaders Jenny Foxall (retired midwife ) and Lisa Harley (active birth instructor).

Saturday 9.15-am - 3pm (3 - 4pm for additional questions)
Natural Health Service, Page Street, SA14EZ (Google Maps for directions).
Behind The Quaker Meeting House (opposite YMCA)
Buzzer marked Natural Health Service


Bring cushions and birth ball if you have one

Or you can email or call Lisa on 0777 838 2068